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Agency Employment

Benefits of Cooperation

Tell us what position you are looking employees for. We take care of everything you need.

  • flexibility, quality, speed and no hassle with paperwork
  • search and recruitment
  • organizing of tenders
  • speed of realizing of your order
  • long-term rental of workers
  • lending of agency employees
  • working hours and working mode according to your specific needs and requirements
  • attractive pricing policy
  • market research

Manufacturing and services in engineering and construction

We are able to take orders in the production of components of the units in the field of engineering, we perform all construction work and odd jobs in construction, on the basis of agreements under the Civil Code, in particular contracts for work, contracts of cooperation, on mutual cooperation, subcontracting etc. So far, our company made projects such as the production and installation of cogeneration units, exhaust systems, silos and storage tanks, production in the automotive industry, the installation of residential units, air-conditioning, iron work, construction and processing of steel, iron and aluminium structures, reconstructions of sanitary units, painting and restoration of wooden windows and doors, …

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