For Employees

Our Employees

Our employment agency guarantees comparable working conditions and pay. It is a wage that is granted to comparable employees by the employer in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Labour Code.


For our employees, we provide:


The wage is paid by our employment agency always on the 20th day of the month. Wages are paid under the previous agreement with the employee, in the form of cash payments or on bank account of the employee, established in any bank in the Czech Republic.


The employment agency ensures accommodation for employees in the city of the workplace, in all cases of work. Accommodation is fully paid by the employment agency.

Health Care

There is a contracted physician of the employment agency providing ongoing medical examinations.


To ensure a smooth and trouble-free operation of employment we provide a responsible employee of our employment agency work who is daily available to employees and executives of the user.

  • solving of problem situations arising in the workplace of the user
  • compliance with labour laws
  • maintaining and developing of relationships with the user


The employment agency will ensure, if necessary, the transport of workers from the accommodation to the workplace by providing a corporate vehicle. Under prearranged conditions, the agency may provide or pay for transportation of workers to visit families in the place of permanent residence.


Possibility of professional corporate trainer who provides training for all newly hired employees regarding the current safety regulations for individual workplaces, including environmental and working environment and fire protection. Ensuring proficiency tests in various professions (test of welders – extension, renewal, testing – forklift, testing of binders, etc.)


Our company has contracted liability insurance of our organization for work injuries, as well as workers’ compensation insurance for damages caused to the user workplace. Our employment agency is also insured against bankruptcy.

Work clothes and shoes

Our employment agency provides employees with work clothes and shoes.